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Jun 18, 2017

On this episode of The Point, Stacy Barrow (Partner) of Marathas Barrow Weatherhead Lent joins Scott from Boston via Skype to talk compliance. MBWL provides various services from compliance and employment disputes all the way to general litigation. Stacy Barrow is one of the nation’s leading experts on the Affordable Care Act who works with hundreds of clients across the country on all aspects of ACA compliance. For more information visit the MBWL website at

In this first episode Stacy and Scott talk compliance and more specifically Department of Labor (DOL) audits and wrap documents. How an employer gets selected for a DOL audit (1:20). What the DOL looks for in an audit (2:40). What a wrap document is and which employers should have one (4:30). Two issues the DOL is currently focused on (7:10). An employer’s first few steps an employer should take when they receive a DOL audit (10:32).


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