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Dec 4, 2020

Masks are used as a safety precaution for us against COVID-19. While that's an obvious health benefit to wearing one, there are downsides as well. One of those can be losing personal interactions with employees as facial cues are much harder to read. In this episode of our Light Your Fire: Beyond Burnout series, Director of Population Health & Analytics Sarah Michaels and Population Health Specialist Ali Harris discuss ways to create a healthy culture while still having to wear masks.

“Light Your Fire: Beyond Burnout” is a campaign filled with podcasts, blogs and education designed to give HR professionals, employees and others in the workforce the tools, support and motivation to end the year on a high note.



Apex Benefits provides employers with custom multi-year strategies for lowering healthcare and pharmacy benefits costs and creating cultures of wellness.

The fast-growing, independent organization employs nearly 70 professionals who serve all areas of employee benefits including medical, pharmacy, disability, life and retirement solutions; as well as population health management and benefits communications services, and human resources and compensation consulting.

Our organization believes that data is only as good as those who analyze it and the resulting action plans. Our financial, actuarial, healthcare and benefits strategists work as a team in leveraging predictive analytics, population health management, and medical/pharmacy cost-containment strategies to design custom data-driven solutions for better employee benefits.

As a Best Place to Work in Indiana (for 9 years in a row) and a Best Place to Work in Insurance, we understand and help employers address the demands to recruit and retain the best talent.


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