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Nov 10, 2022

In this episode of the newly re-launched "The Point", Apex Benefits' VP of Sales, Steve Winbun, sits down with RJE Business Interiors CEO Denny Sponsel to discuss some of the "secret" keys to maintaining a successful business. 

About our guest: Denny Sponsel, or the “Big Kahuna’ as he is more commonly known to RJE employees, is the fearless leader of RJE Business Interiors. While he may have spent the last 40 years improving workplace design, his true passion lies in providing RJE’s clients with the best possible customer experience. A hugger at his core, Denny extends his favorite mantra — Do What We Say We Will Do — to all of his philanthropic efforts as well. As a board member for several charitable organizations, Denny is committed to giving the underprivileged youths in Indianapolis a better chance to succeed.